Donating your clothing, shoes and household products helps keep millions of pounds of reusable goods from landfills each year.

Recycling clothing and household items isn't just environmentally sound; it's an economic boon for several reasons, including the following:

  • Reduces landfill space
  • Reduces pollution caused by incinerators burning discarded textiles
  • Provides low cost clothing options here in the U.S. - not everyone can, or wants, to buy new. By donating your unwanted, usable items you provide options to others
  • Jumpstarts small businesses and marketplaces in developing countries when unsold goods are sent overseas
  • Clothing and textiles can be converted into other products, such as insulation
  • Understanding what's behind those fabrics

    We all have our favorite "comfy" sweater, or soft blanket, but every garment and textile starts as raw materials. Understanding what is included in the manufacturing process helps turn a "throw away" garment into a "donate-able" one.

    Interesting Clothing Facts

    Did you know...

    • It takes over 700 gallons of water to make one new cotton T-shirt?
    • The average person throws away 81 pounds of textiles each year?
    • Polyester is made from petroleum? The process to create polyester is energy-intensive and requires a large amount of water for cooling.
    • In the manufacturing of nylon, a greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, is emitted?
    • Rayon, derived from wood pulp, often relies on clearing old growth forests to make way for water-hungry eucalyptus trees which contains the needed fibers?
    • Cotton is the most pesticide-dependent crop in the world?

    You can make a global impact by donating your clothes right here at home.


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